Leah Marie

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Domonique   5"4     198lbs

Domonique has a passion for acting, singing and over all entertaining people. She enjoys time spent in front of the camera for shoots ranging from swimwear to fashion. Domonique is currently modeling for individual photographers and has made it a goal of hers to become a published model. She is located in the Houston area and is willing to travel for worthy opportunity. Being Domonique is enough to make her unique and that there is nothing that she Can't do. More than a pretty face and sensational curves, Domonique is business minded along with being goofy and sweet.

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Leah Marie     5"2     145lbs

Leah's passion is to be in front of the camera, not only to model but to act as well. Her main style of photo shoots are but not limited to lingerie, body art and fashion. She has worked with individual photographers paving the way for talks with agencies. She has been published in Pressure magazine as well as Luscious magazine and have worked with King Dave Films and 713 Films. Leah is located in the Houston area but is no stranger to traveling for shoots. Everything about Leah is unique starting with her name. Growing up as a kid she was picked on but managed to overcome the haters and blossom into the beautiful person she is today. Along with being stunningly  beautiful, Leah is very humorous  with a outgoing  personality to match.

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